SIERRA VISTA — The Sierra Vista Community Theatre is basking in the spooky spirit with their latest production of the Rocky Horror Show, which will run at the theatre from Oct. 29 — Nov. 14. The shows will be on Fridays and Saturdays from 7-9 p.m. and Sundays from 3-5 p.m.

“So we do have a spin on it. It’s not the same — in fact — we weren’t sure exactly how we wanted to cast this,” said Kirri Miller, who’s co-directing the show with Jeremy Heisner. “If it wasn’t for the actors who came in, we wouldn’t have known what characters we really wanted them to be.”

With the production’s high profile and popularity, Heisner said that he and Miller were conscientious about the play and film’s legacy.

“We were actually very worried going in initially,” said Heisner. “We didn’t want to offend any hard core Rocky Horror Picture Show people. So her (Miller) and I both approached this very, very carefully.

And in all the research that we did, we noticed that every production is different. The stage production is actually different than the movie. There is one song that Brad has that is not in the movie — and to be honest — it’s probably my favorite song of the entire show. It gives it a complete turning point of not only his character but Janet’s character as well. Rocky actually has lines, he has a lot of lines and a very good character.”

Miller said the budget for the show totals at approximately $5,000-$6,000 including royalties, tech crew staff, and programs.

Heisner said that this is an adult show, as the theatre’s board has rated the content as “R.”

“No child under the age of 18 will be allowed in without a parent or guardian — and yes — we will card them,” said Heisner. “However, if parents so choose to bring their 15-17 year-old-child to see the show, that is on them. They can purchase a child’s ticket ... We are strongly encouraging no one under the age of 15.”

The production has multiple layers of complexity with choreography and visual effects.

“There’s been so many different versions of the show,” said Jason Cabrera, stage manager for the show. “It’s been done on Broadway, it’s been done off of Broadway — we wanted to do a Sierra Vista take on it. We wanted to have an opportunity for all of the fans — the cult fans that are here and there’s a lot of them — to come and enjoy the show in their own backyard ...

He said that the show relies heavily on dynamic lighting.

“Given the size and scope of this particular stage — it’s a pretty small theater — We have to use a lot of mood lighting, like LED color lights — like the small kind you see in rock-and kind of shows — which is absolutely perfect for this kind of a show ‘cause it does have a rock ballad feel to it,” said Cabrera.

And of course, who can forget the props.

“it’s got quite a wide variety of props,” said prop master Brady Silk. “We got newspapers, we’ve got guns, all the way to whips, and feather dusters, boas — which are my personal favorite ...

There’s this scene where Brad and Janet are in a car, and so we had to figure out how to make a car. So, we’re using people to make the car basically, and then two, big flashlights as the headlamps. We’ve got Brad pretending that he’s got a steering wheel, Janet is reading the newspaper, and that’s probably my favorite scene with props.”

In addition to the many moving parts, the production will also feature live music.

“We’re taking a little bit of (creative) liberty with some of the songs, but not too much,” said guitarist and bassist Preston Jennings. “We’re actually basing our music off of the 2000 Broadway Revival version of the music, so it’s a little more rock. There’s some distortion, and there’s some solos and some lead riffs where there’s usually more horns than piano. So we’re kinda giving it a little bit of a heavier overall musical tone which has been really cool.”

Miller said that she’s most looking forward to seeing the whole show come to life on opening night on Oct. 29.

“The biggest thing with actors, they never go 150-200% until they are actually on stage,” said Miller. “So as directors on opening night, we see a whole different cast and a whole different show than what we saw in our ‘hell week.’ So that’s what I’m excited for, is to see them completely, 100% engulfed within this show.”