land preserve

The Arizona Land and Water Trust recently announced the preservation of land west of Fort Huachuca.

Arizona Land and Water Trust is pleased to announce the protection of the Pyeatt Ranch in Canelo Hills, just west of Fort Huachuca. This fourth-generation working landscape is home to three perennial springs, rare sacaton grasslands and riparian floodplains. Permanent protection of this property brings the trust’s total protected lands to 60,500 acres!

This effort was supported by the Department of Defense’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration program in partnership with Fort Huachuca, and going forward the trust will work with the landowners and other partners to reduce erosion and enhance wildlife habitat on the property.

“Arizona Land and Water Trust is proud to partner with the owners of Pyeatt Ranch and with Fort Huachuca. The project highlights the important heritage of this multi-generational working landscape, the significant wildlife and grassland values found on the property and conservation partnerships which help to sustain the critical mission of the Fort,” said Liz Petterson, Executive Director.

Submitted by Arizona Land and Water Trust