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A movement is afoot in the state of Arizona and the country to establish Second Amendment sanctuary status for local jurisdictions.

In the 1980’s the sanctuary city terminology was designated for city ordinances which would forbid city law enforcement from helping federal immigration officers.

Some two millennia ago, cities of refuge were established for those fleeing retribution from crimes or asylum for fugitives, political or otherwise.

A movement is afoot in the state of Arizona and the country to establish Second Amendment sanctuary status for local jurisdictions.

In early November, Mohave County’s Board of Supervisors passed a measure and is the state’s first Second Amendment Sanctuary county. Bullhead City then followed their county brethren and became a Second Amendment Sanctuary city in late January.

La Paz County just adopted a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution this week. Hundreds more local and county governments countrywide have been embracing these measures to combat Democrat run states and municipalities’ gun control regulations.

Will Cochise County and/or Sierra Vista eventually follow suit in this growing trend?

Three years ago Tombstone Mayor Dusty Escapule proclaimed the old western town as America’s Second Amendment City. “Escapule said, “I proclaimed that we recognize the Second Amendment as the constitutional right to bear arms.” Escapule followed by saying that the proclamation means just that and nothing more. He went on to specify that Tombstone isn’t a Second Amendment sanctuary city either.

Sierra Vista Police Chief Adam Thrasher said, “I don’t know the details of that, but, that’s not something that would be part of the police department. That would be part of whatever the governing board of the county and the city do. I’m not sure what involvement the law enforcement has down there regarding the actual resolution. I don’t know any of the details so I can’t really speak of that right now.”

Thrasher also says that he hasn’t heard of any sanctuary city talk mentioned as far as Sierra Vista is concerned. He thinks the real issue is the legality of it all. “I think there could be a lot of litigation regarding what that actually means in terms of enforcement. We follow state law as it comes to misconduct involving weapons.”

With the subject of Second Amendment Sanctuary status Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said, “I know this is a push throughout many counties and communities across the United States right now with the big debate on the Second Amendment. What it means to me and what I’m understanding is the protection of gun rights and gun owners. That’s how I interpret that.”

Dannels likens it to sanctuary cities that we’ve heard about when it comes to those government’s that won’t work with the federal government when it comes to ICE or immigrant issues. “This to me is just a spinoff onto those that believe in gun ownership, Second Amendment. It’s a notice of protection by that community that being a gun owner and a supporter of gun rights is now protected.”

Dannels thinks that the Second Amendment Sanctuary monicker shows the community has come together and is unified while sending a message. Dannels has heard talk that Cochise County is considering something similar. He said, “I know this is a very strong Second Amendment county. The Second Amendment says a person has the right to bear arms, and as I have taken the oath of office, I support that.”

Dannels finished by saying that the subject hasn’t formally been discussed with himself or the board supervisors or others.

He has heard the subject talked about by plenty of residents though.

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