annex map

This map shows areas of Sierra Vista that have not been annexed or developed.

A reader recently reached out to the Herald/Review to ask how they can annex into the City of Sierra Vista. The city has a detailed process for doing so, which will be laid out at the city’s next work session, said spokesman Adam Curtis.

According to a presentation that will be given by Community Development Director Matt McLachlan, the first step for annexations is mapping the area.

When the city identifies an area it wishes to incorporate, or a resident reaches out to the city to request annexation, the city will then talk to adjacent neighbors to see if there is interest from any other residents.

From there, the city files a blank petition with the county. Then within 10 days, a public hearing is held as the next part of the process, and the council and community discuss and vote to continue to the next step of annexation.

Affected properties then receive a petition after a required 30-day wait time after the initial filling of the blank petition with the county.

Following the 30-day waiting period and the first public hearing, petitions are circulated in the affected area.

An annexation requires the consent of the owners of at least one-half of the value of the real and personal property and more than one-half of the property owners in the territory to be annexed, according to the city policy.

After up to one year to collect signatures, the petitions are then reviewed and tabulated. If enough valid signatures are collected, a second public hearing is held to adopt the ordinance, which becomes official after 30 days

The city is working proactively to eliminate county enclaves within the city limits, according to McLachlan’s presentation.

Anyone looking for more information on annexation can attend McLachlan’s presentation during the Feb, 25 work session, which is at 3 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers, 1011 N. Coronado Drive. All work sessions and council meetings are also broadcast at

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