The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 3,428 new COVID-19 patients today and 45 additional deaths, bringing the statewide totals to 66,458 and 1,535 since the start of the pandemic.

Last Friday, the total number of cases in Arizona was 46,689 and the total number of people who had died was 1,312.

The state has confirmed 75 cases in Graham County, 17 in Greenlee County and 509 in Cochise County.

Last week, Graham County had 59 cases, Greenlee County 14 and Cochise County 332.

As of today, nearly 637,000 people have been tested for the virus in the state; 9.1 percent have tested positive. Roughly 18,000 new tests were reported today.

On Thursday, 2,110 people with COVID-19 were in the hospital, 581 of them were in ICU and 312 of them were on ventilators. Twelve percent of ICU beds were available for use Thursday and 55 percent of ventilators were available. 

Last week, 16 percent of ICU beds were available and 58 percent of ventilators. Two months ago, 72 percent of ventilators were available.

Two hundred fifty COVID-19 patients were released from hospitals statewide Thursday.

According to Cochise County, 212 of their patients have recovered. In Graham County that number is 33 and in Greenlee County it's seven.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 2.4 million people have been diagnosed with the virus since the start of the pandemic; nearly 38,000 new cases were reported Thursday. Another 692 people have died nationally, bringing that total to 121,809.

The total number of cases nationwide last Friday was 2,178,710 and the number of deaths was 118,365.