fort main gate (copy)

Fort Huachuca’s Buffalo Soldier Trail gate in late March. The gate will remain closed until further notice as other restrictions on post continue to be lifted.

Dining out and bowling are back on Fort Huachuca.

At the 10th Facebook Live COVID-19 town hall session hosted by the post Tuesday evening, commanders said restaurants on post, as well as the popular bowling alley, would open their doors on Wednesday.

But there are some restrictions.

Garrison Commander Col. Chad Rambo said social distancing guidelines continue to rule. That means there will be limited seating at the eateries and not every bowling lane will be open. And only a certain number of people will be allowed to play per lane, Rambo said.

Additionally, bowlers will be asked to wear face masks, Rambo said.

During the question and answer session at the town hall, it was revealed that the Buffalo Soldier Gate will remain closed for now, as will the vehicle windows of motorists driving into Fort Huachuca. Currently, people entering the post are asked to keep their windows rolled up and show their identification to the guard at the gate by pressing the ID card to driver’s side window. The window should only be rolled down if the guard requests it.

Fort Huachuca spokeswoman Tanja Linton quipped that “People feel like they’re in a wildlife park.”

But Rambo and Major General Laura Potter both said the practice is an easy way of helping combat the spread of the coronavirus. Potter acknowledged that the restriction is an “inconvenience,” but it’s still necessary.

“We still think that it’s a really easy measure we can take right now to keep people safe,” Rambo said. “We plan on keeping it in place just a little while longer.”