Five DUSD employees contract coronavirus

DUSD Superintendent Ana Samaniego recently announced that the planned graduation ceremony for the Douglas High School Class of 2020 scheduled for Friday, June 20, is cancelled.

DOUGLAS — Five employees in the Douglas Unified School District have tested positive for the coronavirus forcing the remaining district employees to work from home this week.

DUSD Superintendent Ana Samaniego confirmed the cases Tuesday morning.

“This district is not shut down, we are still operating, we are however closed to the public,” she said. “But for this week, everybody is working from home. We have shut down the Food Service Department for two weeks trying to keep everyone and their families safe. I want it understood there is no concern with one of these employees being from the Food Service Department. We decided to shut them down for two weeks just as a precaution because they are handling food.”

The superintendent said a couple of people are working this week in the district’s warehouse department.

“That is the only department we have open this week,” she said. “All other employees have been sent home to work.”

Samaniego said she will reassess the situation on Friday to see if the work from home order needs to be extended another week.

The superintendent said when she first became aware the five employees could possibly have coronavirus, they were asked to go home, self quarantine and get tested. The results of those tests came back this past Saturday and Sunday, the superintendent stated, adding she is still waiting on additional results on some of the other employees who were tested.

“Everybody pretty much stopped working May 29,” Samaniego said. “By sending everybody home we are preventing more of that social contact. This is extremely unfortunate. We don’t know where this started, how it started but the individuals that were affected by it are recuperating.”

Samaniego would not say which facility the five employees worked in. She added she feels they have kept it contained to that one location.

“I’m hopeful we have it contained and that our employees will be OK,” she said.