A new day has dawned where many of us now conduct our businesses in very different ways. The newspaper industry is no exception and you will see some drastic, yet critical, changes required to provide the news and information you need.

COVID-19 has swept over our community like a tsunami – reaching and affecting us far and wide, from our healthcare to our schools, to our local economy and even our mission to provide local quality journalism.

Our model relies on revenues generated from local advertising and subscriptions. About 73 percent of the newspaper’s revenue comes from advertising, with the balance coming from other services. The majority of our advertisers are closed or not in a position to market themselves right now due to financial pressures COVID-19 has produced.

Our ability to provide quality local journalism and assist our advertisers in marketing themselves depends directly on our own financial health. But this is not business as usual; It won’t be for the foreseeable future. We are taking action to ensure we can continue to report what’s happening in our community and, especially now, the impacts of COVID-19.

Starting April 16, The Herald/Review Media, will suspend two days of our printed product. The physical paper will be distributed to subscribers and single-copy readers on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays only, with online content available every day at myheraldreview.com.

News coverage can be accessed through our website, myheraldreview.com, smartphone app, and Morning Blend newsletter. All of these digital channels are included as part of your current print subscription. Please follow the link to activate these important resources. Our app provides immediate notifications of important information and our e-newsletter offers a great preview of what content to look for that day.

Prior to this plague, we had been investing in our digital strategy to support this newspaper over the long term; Digital is a reality of the world and this crisis has only showcased it even more so. We did not anticipate having to make changes so suddenly before coronavirus upended our lives. Most of our local businesses are in the same boat, having to change how they serve and operate in the community.

We count our blessings that we have a digital platform which allows us to continue sharing our hard work 24/7. We are committed to serve our community for the long term. This change will help us do that.

We also want to thank our advertising supporters as well as our subscribers. If you are not a subscriber yet, we ask that you do subscribe by going online to myheraldreview.com/membership or visit myheraldreview.com and click on the subscribe button.

Print readers who have not already registered to access content online are encouraged to call 520-458-9440 or visit myheraldreview.com. There is no additional charge to print subscribers for online access.

Thank you for your continued support of Herald/Review Media. We will power through and continue to inform and help bind our community for generations to come.

Jennifer Sorenson

Publisher, Herald/Review Media

Questions about website login or activation can be directed to Herald/Review Media’s customer service at 520-458-9440. The new print schedule will go into effect Wednesday, April 15.