REGION — Arizona high schools’ spring championships are still set to take place later this season despite school closures and other consequences stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, but athletic competitions are suspended for two weeks.

Those decisions were announced Monday morning by the Arizona Interscholastic Association, which oversees high school athletics in the state.

“The governor’s office and the state health department have recommended a two-week suspension of school and activities,” said the AIA’s press release. “If this time frame holds true, it should hopefully not impact postseason tournaments.”

“We will keep all processes in place for postseason tournaments. If the spring championship season extends for any period of time, the AIA will be ready to conduct tournaments in their entirety.”

The AIA said all sporting events scheduled between Monday through March 28 would be cancelled, but individual schools could institute longer bans.

All fees associated with the cancellations will be waived, AIA said.

“Our first objective is to get students back into the classroom and then have them return to the athletic arenas when appropriate. As Board members we will work diligently with our constituents to ensure a smooth transition back to school as usual.”

Some activities are still permitted, according to the release.

“The association will respect all decisions made by schools and school districts in regard to practices during this time of suspension,” the statement reads. “The AIA will defer to the schools and support their decisions from this standpoint.”

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