FORT HUACHUCA — More than 100 people are in quarantine between Fort Huachuca and Cochise County — more than double the amount announced last week — U.S. Army commanders said Tuesday at a virtual COVID-19 town hall session.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus also has prompted Maj. Gen. Laura Potter to impose more restrictions on local leave for soldiers because of the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Maricopa County.

Last week, Potter, the commanding general on Fort Huachuca, said soldiers were allowed to travel within a 250-mile radius from the post. That has since changed to 100 miles, Potter said Tuesday evening.

She said the more than 100 people who are now in quarantine include service members, dependents, Department of the Army civilians and contractors.

“Some of those living on base, but most of those living off base,” Potter said. “Some of whom have been tested.”

At the town hall meeting last week, Lt. Col. Wendy Gray, commander of the Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center at the post, reported that there were just over 50 people in quarantine.

Potter reminded listeners that being in quarantine does not mean the person is infected with the virus. It means that the person traveled to an affected area, or came in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The major general also talked about the county’s first confirmed coronaviruse case, a woman whose husband works on Fort Huachuca.

“The individual we talked in Cochise County we talked about last week is recovering and her spouse continues to be in quarantine,” Potter said. “He has shown no symptoms of the virus.”

A second woman has since tested positive for coronavirus in Cochise County. Both are believed to have contracted the virus while traveling.

While Fort Huachuca remains open, a plan announced last week designed to prevent any new visitors from entering the post has taken effect. Col. Chad Rambo said anyone seeking a pass to visit the post will not be able to obtain one. People who already have a pass will be allowed entry and they may also renew their pass, Rambo said.

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