BISBEE — On Friday, Bisbee Mayor David Smith declared a State of Emergency (SOE) in the city due to the announcement of the first diagnosed case of Covid–19 in Cochise County and asked certain businesses to close at the end of the day and remained closed until further notice.

“The county case is not in Bisbee,” Smith said. “Please remain calm and take personal responsibility for your health.”

The Cochise County positive diagnosis came from a spouse of someone who works on Fort Huachuca, located in Sierra Vista, and the woman was in self–isolation, according to officials.

A Bisbee woman was hospitalized at Copper Queen Community Hospital Friday for secondary bacterial pneumonia. Jessica Ogiba, CQCH communications director, said she did not meet the criteria for testing for COVID–19.

“Claims on social have been made that a patient in Bisbee has tested positive, these claims are false. Additional claims have been made that CQCH does not offer testing, these claims are false as well. Yes, we are able to test those who meet CDC testing criteria. CQCH is committed to providing transparency throughout the COVID–19 pandemic,” added Ogiba.

CQCH Chief Medical Officer Edward Miller, DO, stated, “Rest assured that Copper Queen Community Hospital will stay up–to–the–minute on guidelines and disease progress. We appreciate your trust and confidence.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes: “To be tested for COVID–19, a patient must meet certain criteria. If you feel sick with fever, cough, or have difficulty breathing, have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID–19, or if you live in or have recently traveled from an area with ongoing spread of COVID–19, you should call your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will work with the health department and ADHS to determine if a test is needed.”

Bisbee city offices are now closed.

Smith’s declaration closed Bisbee’s bars, movie theaters, indoor gyms and fitness clubs as of March 20 at their close of business day, in accordance with Gov. Doug Ducey’s mandate to close those establishments if a case of Covid–19 is confirmed in a county.

Also, restaurants were closed to dining, though take out, delivery and drive–thru services are still permitted, he said. Beer, wine and spirituous liquors may be sold in sealed containers in accordance with Arizona liquor license laws.

Cafeterias at nursing homes, hospitals and similar facilities including soup kitchens that provide meals to the needy are not subject to closing as long as social distancing is practiced and rigorous hygienic cleanliness is maintained to reduce the risk of exposure to those being served.

Following the mandate, restaurants in Bisbee closed dine–in services, but remain open for takeout and drive-through service.

Among those restaurants offering takeout are Café Roka, Bisbee Grand, Bisbee Tour Company, Bisbee Coffee Co., Santiago’s, Bisbee Table, Contessa’s Cantina, Thuy’s Noodle Shop, Screaming Banshee Pizza, Café Cornucopia, The Quarry, Dylan’s Pizza Bistro (drive through), Jimmy’s Hot Dogs and La Ramada Steakhouse and Cantina. Call restaurants for menus and hours.

A number of businesses also closed up shop due to the declaration. In the Copper Queen Plaza, only Bisbee Table, Bisbee Coffee Cafe and Mel’s Bodega are open. The other shops there are closed, as are the public restrooms.

Some other Bisbee businesses are open by appointment only.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story misidentified the person who has tested positive for coronavirus in Cochise County. The Herald/Review apologizes for the error.

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