With the state beginning to reopen, the Herald/Review asked locals what they thought of the coronavirus pandemic and how it has been handled. These are their responses:

covid views bracamonte

“I have conflicting thoughts about COVID and I think that’s normal. I think a lot of people go through, one day it’s incredibly scary we don’t know what’s going to happen, and I get really nervous and we completely hunker down. Then the next day, maybe even the next hour, I feel like I’m done and we’re ready to get out and we don’t need to be as cautious as we are. Again the next hour I begin to feel uncomfortable. I’m getting used to just handling things day by day. My daily life hasn’t significantly changed because I’m an essential worker. I go to work every day and I come home. With my in-laws and parents being in a generation that is more concerting, I’m more uncomfortable for them. I make sure I do everything I think I need to do to keep my family and my community safe. I don’t think it’s about individuals, I do think we have to think about groups of people.” Cheryl Bracamonte, Sierra Vista

covid views temple

“My thoughts are that I feel bad for a lot of the people, especially the Buena High seniors. I know graduation in particular is a big deal. Its been nice to see how people have been coping with and been working with it like the drive through graduation and so on. Thats been optimistic and a positive way to look at it. It just depends on how you look at it. People working together and finding those solutions. It’s scary for a lot of people because there’s a lot of fear in the unknown and not knowing when things will go back to normal and live a regular life.” Tobias Temple, Sierra Vista

covid views bullock

“I always tell people they had me at ‘pandemic’. I’m going to follow what is advised, I’m going to look at good science and try to be a good citizen. We’re staying home and implementing good practices for people in our senior citizen age group.” Kathy Bullock, Sierra Vista

covid views lax

“It’s a horrible virus that has been affecting more than just getting sick, but graduations have been cancelled, work has changed and school has stopped. I think the biggest thing is we have to be mindful of each other. I think it’s now we have to think of each other where as before it was everyone thought about themselves. I have to teach my kids, we’re not going running to the store, touching everything and getting in people's way, especially the elderly. I also teach them that we always have to be washing our hands and cleaning up after ourselves. These are the things we should have been doing prior. When we come out of this it’ll give us a knew aspect on life.” Aaron Lax-Sierra Vista

covid views brown

“Sometimes life throws you lemons and it’s how you react to receiving those lemons that determines you character. My daughter just graduated, that’s why I’m able to talk about lemons and how it’s hard for somebody in her situation to graduate and to not have a real graduation after putting in four years of academics and sports. What I offer her is that there is going to be times in which it's going to be hard, but you determine how you’re going to get through it. I think as a society, we do too as well.” Julie Brown, Sierra Vista

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