Statistics on the latest COVID-19 tests and negative test results in Cochise County will no longer be available, officials said Friday.

Officials at Fort Huachuca and Cochise County were publishing the number of tests given for the coronavirus each week, along with the number of pending test results, the number of those who had tested negative and the number of positive results.

But there are also private labs in the state, and those facilities are not obligated to report their findings to the Arizona Department of Health Services unless there is a positive case.

“Since there are now private labs testing, we do not know how many tests are being conducted,” said Amanda Baillie, public information officer for Cochise County. “Private labs do not have to inform the health department if they are testing someone, unless a test comes back positive. Medical providers can go directly to private labs for tests and don’t have to inform the public health department that they are doing that.”

The state will continue to release numbers for positive tests, from both private and state labs, and deaths from the virus.

Earlier this week, U.S. Army commanders at Fort Huachuca released the Cochise County statistics at their COVID-19 Facebook town hall.

As of Tuesday evening, those numbers were: 56 people tested; 11 test results pending; one positive; 44 negative.

Since then however, two more people in the county have tested positive, one announced Friday afternoon.

Editor's note: The headline of this story has been updated to better reflect the information in the article.

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