SIERRA VISTA — A child playing in a bedroom of a mobile home was almost shot by a stray bullet fired in a drive-by shooting last week, Sierra Vista police said Tuesday.

Now investigators are asking the public’s help in finding the shooters and their intended target, said Sierra Vista Police Detective Joshua Nicola.

The incident occurred Friday at 9 p.m. at 7th Street and Busby Drive, Nicola said. And the mobile homes — two were shot at the Sierra Grande Mobile Home Park — were not the shooter’s intended target.

“Those were stray bullets,” Nicola said. “The intended target was another car.”

Police are looking for the shooters and the person or persons they were after. A surveillance camera in the area captured images of what police believe are the vehicles driven by the shooter and the intended target.

No one was hurt, Nicola said, and police are hoping that someone will recognize the vehicles in the photographs.

“Once someone realizes that a child was almost shot, maybe they will forget about the loyalty (to the shooter) and come forward,” Nicola said.

Anyone with information about the incident, can call 520-452-7500, and ask for Detective Nicola.

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