SIERRA VISTA — A man has been charged with sexually abusing a child after investigators received DNA results six months after the initial accusation was made.

David Britton Bowser of Sierra Vista was arrested on Thursday after Sierra Vista Police detectives received DNA results from the state lab at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, said police spokesman Corporal Scott Borgstadt.

Bowser was charged with 14 counts, eight of them felonies, including sexual assault, child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 15, kidnapping and child abuse.

Police on Friday said they had to wait for the DNA results because they had no other probable cause to arrest Bowser, who is acquainted with the victim’s family. Borgstadt said detectives questioned individuals as part of their investigation, but no one was aware of what had happened between Bowser and the youngster.

“She made the accusation and he denied it,” Borgstadt said. “The family (of the girl) did not know anything because she never said anything.”

Borgstadt said DNA results typically take a long time to get processed by the state because cases are not prioritized by offense.

“The results are taken as they come in,” he said.

A spokesman with the Department of Public Safety said someone from the agency would return a call to the Herald/Review on Monday concerning this case.

The investigation against the 42-year-old Bowser began in August 2019 after the victim entered a gas station shop on State Road 92 and told the clerk to help her get away from the man who had driven here there, police said. Sierra Vista police responded to the gas station and found Bowser drunk in his car, Borgstadt said.

“He was arrested that night and charged with DUI,” Borgstadt said.

Police said Bowser’s blood alcohol content was 0.245, which is more than three times the legal limit.

Sierra Vista police went to the location where the sexual abuse supposedly occurred and collected physical evidence, as well as DNA from the suspect and victim, Borgstadt said.

“We wanted to get the DNA results so we could have a solid case,” Borgstadt said.

Anyone with information about the case, is asked to call Sierra Vista Detective Paul Youman, (520) 452-7500.

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