Aaron Dibuono

Aaron Dibuono, 32, was arrested by Sierra Vista Police Tuesday for several sexual offenses against a minor.   

SIERRA VISTA — A man accused of molesting a child eight years ago was arrested by police this week.

But five other felony charges lodged against Aaron Dibuono of Sierra Vista stem from violations that occurred this past month, said Sierra Vista Police spokesman Corp. Scott Borgstadt.

Aside from being charged with child molestation — the 2012 offense — Dibuono also was charged with aggravated luring of a minor for sex, luring a minor for sex, furnishing harmful material to a minor, attempted sexual conduct with a minor and involving a minor in a drug offense. The 32-year-old Dibuono was arrested Tuesday.

“Based on the severity of the charges he’s being held without bond and we’re pleased with that,” Borgstadt said.

The corporal said he could not discuss how the investigation against Dibuono, which began in June, came about. According to a press release from the department, police received allegations of the 2012 incident, and from there detectives were able to develop probable cause to make an arrest.

Borgstadt also said the alleged victim in the 2012 case is still a minor.

Dibuono is currently being held at the Cochise County Jail.