Abandoned homes set to be demolished

The city is scheduled to demolish three buildings on A Avenue and 17th Street as part of a nuisance abatement program.

Under the umbrella of a nuisance abatement program, abandoned homes here will be demolished.

The first buildings to be razed are located on A Avenue and 17th Street, said Carlos De La Torre, director of Public Works.

The buildings, a group of three residential homes, were identified not only because they are unsightly but because they have also contributed to other hazards such as crime and gang activity.

The buildings are scheduled to be demolished in about 10 days, De La Torre said.

Overall, the City has identified more than 100 buildings throughout all six wards.

The funding for razing these buildings will come from the general fund. City council sets aside about $10,000 for these types of nuisance abasement.

De La Torre said that the owners of the buildings are first notified about the condition of the property. The owner is allowed to deal with the issue.

If there is no response from the owner, the City places a lien on the property and then goes ahead with the demolition. By later selling the property, the City can then recoup the cost.

The bulk of the cost is in dumping fees, which is $46.50 per ton.