DFD gets Moderna COVID-19 vaccination

Joe Alvarez, assistant fire chief at the Douglas Fire Department, is given his Moderna COVID-19 vaccination by a member of the Fry Fire Department from Sierra Vista.

DOUGLAS — Several members of Douglas Fire Department as well as some health care workers from other agencies were administered the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination Dec. 30.

The shots were provided by officials with the Fry Fire Department of Sierra Vista. Some of the other agencies that had staff vaccinated that day were the Elfrida Fire Department, Arizona Ambulance, CSL Plasma and Douglas Family Care.

“I do not have a number of DFD personnel vaccinated and I do not have a list of what all agencies were represented in the whole event,” DFD Capt. Matt King said. “I do know that a total of 40 people got the first shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination on the 30th. A second shot will be required 28 days later to complete the vaccination process.”

King said the DFD is excited to have an opportunity that will allow them to be safer. The department is for the opportunity to be an example to the community.

“Having our staff vaccinated reduces the risk to our community, our staff and our families,” he said. “The vaccine should mean that Douglas Fire will have less concern about staff becoming sick, which will help us maintain the high level of service that the community has come to expect from us and which we strive to provide. We hope that our staff getting the vaccine will help relieve some of the concerns that community members may have about getting the vaccine themselves.”

King said the department would like to thank the Fry Fire District. Chief Mark Savage and his crew came to Douglas to administer the vaccine.

“With all fire departments being stretched thin during this pandemic, it means a lot that they would be able to do that to help out Douglas and this side of Cochise County,” King said.