DOUGLAS — The Douglas Police Department recently was awarded a grant in the amount of $18,638 from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for the purchase of equipment that will provide connectivity to AZTraCS, an online system for reporting traffic accident data to the state.

According to a DPD press release, AZTraCS provides direct connectivity to the Arizona Department of Transportation for the reporting of traffic accident data. The tool supports data collection, records management and reporting software that will improve the efficiency of several patrol related functions. Primarily, the data is traffic accident investigations in addition to the use of electronic citation software. The grant funds were used to purchase five tablets, docking stations, barcode scanners and printers that will allow connectivity to the system by officers working in the field.

“We are truly appreciative of the support from Director Alberto Gutier and the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety,” DPD Chief Kraig Fullen said.

For more information about the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, visit AZGOHS.