DOUGLAS — The Douglas school board made its final adoption of its budget of $58,569,477 for the upcoming school year at its regular monthly meeting July 6.

The budget includes a 2% increase the board approved earlier this year for its certified employees and administration as well as the pay increase for all classified employees.

Budget figures this year show $24,410,410 in maintenance and operation, $1,942,233 in unrestricted capital funds and $32,216,834 in federal projects funds.

This budget is an increase of $24,398,521 from last year’s $34,170,956, which is due largely to the federal projects increase that jumped from $8,513,070 to $32,216,834.

The average DUSD teacher salary increased to $41,909, up $476 from last year and up $2,781 from the prior year’s $39,128.

“I’m confident in adopting the budget at this point,” DUSD Chief Financial and Operations Officer Cesar Soto said. “We may have to come back in a month or two and do a slight revision. According to Ms. (Denise) Cox, enrollment is going up, which is a good thing for us, which will lead to us having to revise it to get more money on the M&O and the capital side too. We don’t have the property tax yet because that goes to the county in August. Once we get those numbers the revision will reflect that property tax.”