Douglas’ majestic Grand Theatre celebrated its centennial with a neighborhood party on Friday, Jan. 25.  Part of G Avenue, in front of the historic theatre, was cordoned off to fashion a plaza for dancing, roasting marshmallows at strategically placed bonfires and to allow folks young and old to light up the night with sparklers.

Bisbee based guitarist and singer Mike Montoya played a selection of latin rhythms, classic rock ’n roll, and downhome honkytonk. Maky Hernandez, T.S. Henry Webb, and Ralph Robles filled the plaza with their own special sounds.

Dancers from BB Danceur Academy treated the crowd filling the bleachers with spectacularly choreographed modern interpretive dance sequences. Leaping high or moving in tandem across the stage, the troupe was the epitome of grace.

“Being”, a new show in the gallery showcasing paintings by Tucson native Casney Tadeo focuses on women’s figures enveloped by or ‘being’ one with different environments. In one of the paintings a woman stands wrapped in ephemeral white almost cradled by a stand of prickly pear cactus. In her hair is a crown of the cacti’s fruits thus becoming a part of the landscape.

At the close of the formal celebration, champagne flutes for the grown-ups and cupcakes for everyone were passed around by Border Arts Corridor’s co-founder Jenae Sanchez who asked all the celebrants to, “close our eyes, make a wish, and send your dreams for the grand into the universe.”