DOUGLAS — A wide variety of breeds of dogs along with their handlers were in Douglas competing in the K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch Douglas regional competition Saturday at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Eighth Street.

This was the first time Douglas has hosted this event. Douglas residents Brittany and Nathan Darus are known throughout the dog competition world as regular participants in the K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch League, having competed in various competitions throughout the state and Western U.S.

They decided to bring the event to Douglas, which would allow them to show off the community.

Forty-three competitors from throughout the state came to Douglas and competed against each other. While this competition was taking place other K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch competitions were taking place across the country. Once results from the various cities were tallied and entered into a database, the national rankings were released.

Each dog/human team played three 60-second rounds Saturday, and were scored on where on the field they caught the frisbee and if they got one, two or all four paws off the ground.

In the Expert class, Aaron Mehner of Phoenix and his dog, Hailey, took top honors. Milan Duke of Tempe took second and third place with his dogs, Nanuk and Rollo.

In the Masters class, Phoenix residents Shelly Atchison and her dog Skeeter took top honors followed by Seaun Atchison and Skeeter in second and David Montoya and Ally third.

In the handlers class, Nathan Darus and his dog Aquiles came in first followed by Cherrie Welty and her dog Odie who were second, followed by Randi Hubbard and his dog Graham, of Tucson, who came in third.

According to its website, K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch is one of the fastest growing dog sports on the planet. League play, with more than 4,000 competitors, is held five times per year in more than 200 cities worldwide.

Darus said there is no special breed of dog needed to participate, it just takes one season of toss and fetch.

“This is a great sport,” he said. “It keeps the dog active and wears them out so they can have a nice nap afterwards.”

Brittney and Nathan have hosted this competition the last three years, the previous two years in Phoenix where they were part of the Phoenix Area Disc Dogs. After moving to Douglas they created the Border Area Disc Dogs of Arizona.

After the competition was over Brittnay said she was pleased with the turnout and hoped everyone had fun.

“The weather started getting warm towards the end but the dogs had fun and that’s what matters,” she said. “I think we’ll try putting this event on again next year.”

Nathan said he was happy with his performance Saturday.

“My dogs were spot on today catching all the frisbees,” he said.

“I thought all the dogs did fantastic today,” Brittany added. “The competition was actually quite close.”

Saturday’s event was sponsored by Aespyn and Friends Pet Sitting, the Douglas Business Network, ACT Call Center, Filibertos, Powerzone Gym, Canvas Prints, the UPS Store and the city of Douglas.To get involved, all you need is a dog, a frisbee (disc), seven other people with dogs and frisbees, and a field on which to play once a week for five weeks.

For information, email or see the Facebook page Aespyn and Friends Pet Sitting | Facebook

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