DOUGLAS — A group of Douglas residents, known as the Light the D Committee, are holding a fundraiser for people to purchase a bucket containing a solar light that will be placed around the “D” on D-Hill, illuminating it each evening.

The cost for each bucket is $50 and will have the individual’s name or business name etched on it. They will also be recognized on the D-Hill Facebook page.

The Light the D Committee was formed in 2014 with the intent of helping clean up D-Hill, which included the removal of weeds, the gathering of rocks to close gaps on the hill, the re-creation of the rock mosaic and the painting the “D.”

According to the Facebook page, this is a community effort spearheaded by the Douglas Rotarians to Light The D for the benefit of the community and future generations and to create pride.

City of Douglas crews, under the direction of Max Tapia, have assisted in this effort over the years through use of inmate labor. Each year at homecoming, the D is lit, thanks to numerous volunteers.

“We have tried various options to permanently light the D,” the site’s Facebook page reads. “We looked into a solar array; the battery life was only seven years and cost thousands of dollars. We looked into running APS power to the D; cost was $44,000 just for APS. We tested various solar lights and solar paint. The plan is to put 96 white solar lights around the D every 10 feet on the outside and inside of the D.”

According to Dave Raber, 96 white solar lights will be placed in five-gallon buckets filled with concrete. Each bucket will weigh approximately 100 pounds and will have the handles removed, making them difficult to steal.

As of Saturday Raber reported 32 buckets have been sponsored. The first bucket was taken up to D-Hill Sunday. Raber and Kevin Smith set it up on top of the D.

Committee volunteers have been busy cutting the tubing, welding the pieces together and assembling the lights. The goal is to have all the lights in place the week of Douglas High School homecoming.

Funding for the project has come through fundraisers the committee has held previously.

The Light the D EIN is 84-4974203. If you donate and need a W-9, one will be emailed to you.

Email making the request.

To sponsor a light, send a check or money order to Light the D, 720 11th St., Douglas, AZ 85607. You can also donate through Zelle by calling 520-456-7777. Please include what inscription you want on the bucket.

Raber says he is looking for volunteers who can help in some capacity. An “assembly day” is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 6, at his residence on Adobe Road.

Leave a message on the Facebook page and someone will get in touch with you.