DOUGLAS — Clients with Resilient Health Art Awakenings are displaying some of their artwork this month at the Douglas Art Gallery on 10th Street.

Resilient Health Art Awakenings uses the creative process of making art to improve and enhance mental and emotional well being. Groups help develop interpersonal and coping skills, resolve conflict, manage stressors and behaviors and improve self-esteem, social interaction and self-awareness and achieve insight.

According to Joan Crockett, site administrator for the Douglas office at 1023 F Ave., there are 60 types of paintings on display at The Gallery by her clients as well as handcrafted jewelry and other types of art.

“We were honored when we were approached and asked to display some of our artwork,” Crockett said. “What we have here is artwork from the Douglas office as well as some other art pieces from throughout Cochise County and our Tucson office as well. This gives all of our artists purpose of life. It is such an achievement for many of them to walk in and to see something hanging on the wall is amazing for them.”

Crockett estimated approximately 18 artists are represented at The Gallery.

“At Resilient Health we have some artists come in and do their own projects; other times its a group project,” she said.

One of the main pieces of art on display at The Gallery was spearheaded by Ryah Hunter, a former employee in 2019 who helped the other artists get their thoughts together and put them on canvas. Crockett speculated there were at least 10 artists who had a hand with that particular painting.

The centerpiece depicts D-Hill, the U.S./Mexico flag, the Gadsden Hotel, the YMCA which at one time was a train depot, the airport and plants that are known to be popular throughout the area.

Jacob Lugo is one of the local artists who has a section he painted on the centerpiece. He has several other pieces of artwork this month.

“I helped paint the cactuses as well as the sunset,” he said. “This is very exciting. I thought it was a good idea bringing it here for everyone to see.”

Lugo states he finds art very relaxing.

“I really enjoy painting my pictures,” he said.

Curtis Williams of Bisbee has art displayed that has one of his poems inside it.

“I am a poet at heart,” he said. “I may not look like it but I am deeply romantic and my poetry reflects that.”

Williams has been involved with the program for about two months.

“I was looking for a way to integrate myself into the Douglas community,” he said. “It gives me a chance to socialize with other people with no pressure, no expectations. I’m a hermit by nature but I am also aware I need to come out of my shell more. This gives me a perfect balance. I can come when I want. I find it’s a fun way to spend a few hours every day. The people there are awesome.”

“Some of these artists have more than one project they are working on,” Crockett said. “We bring up topics to help them with their daily living skills, their emotions, anxiety, their depressions.”

The exhibit can be viewed until July 31 Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Crockett said youth programs are available in the evenings from 4-6 p.m.

New clients are accepted and the program is funded through AHCCCS.

For information call 520-253-8186 or visit