DOUGLAS — Douglas Unified School District officials are reporting there are more than 600 students enrolled for face-to-face summer school instruction.

Classes began June 1.

Geraldina Trevino, director for the Curriculum and Federal Programs Department for the DUSD, provided the Douglas school board with an update at its June 1 regular meeting.

Trevino noted the goal of the summer school program this year was to develop an engaging and hands-on program that provides opportunities in both academics and wellness; prevents learning loss and also provides quality over quantity.

“Due to the pandemic and remote learning we wanted to offer face-to-face instruction, limit screen time and provide multiple opportunities for student interaction and engagement,” she told the board.

Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade will run from June 1-18, has 479 students enrolled and is geared toward improving academic achievements for at-risk students.

Douglas High School’s summer school program runs through June 22 and has 132 students enrolled. The 21st Century Program, with 79 students, will conclude June 24.

Classes take place from 8 a.m. to noon.

Trevino noted the pre-K through eighth grade as well as the DHS program are funded by Title 1 funds while 21st Century is funded through a 21st Century Grant.

Trevino said many weeks of planning and research took place.

“We wanted a very well-rounded program,” she said. “The rotation structure allows for students to move and interact frequently with multiple teachers throughout the day. We really wanted to emphasize quality over quantity. We wanted a very well-rounded program.”

From the pool of applicants, DUSD was able to hire four teachers per grade level in K-8, instructional assistants, health aides and data clerks.

“Choosing four teachers per grade level allowed us to create a rotation with multiple subjects,” Trevino said. “The rotation was created to permit teachers to focus on one subject, ensuring quality over quantity.”

Bus transportation is being provided and food service is available, providing breakfast and lunch.

DUSD Superintendent Ana Samaniego said summer school was something that wasn’t planned in a matter of weeks and is basically an extension of learning during the academic school year.

“We do target the bottom 25% because those are the kids that are at risk,” she said. ”The summer school program at any district is to take advantage of extending the school year for them and extending that opportunity for their learning in a less restricted environment with more one-to-one attention.”

The rotations for kindergarten through eighth grade include reading and writing, science, technology, engineering, arts and math, wellness and math and focusing on the standards.

At Douglas High School, three English classes are provided, two algebra classes, biology and geometry. No advanced classes are offer.

Samaniego added she is pleased by the number of students who have committed to attending summer school and is happy DUSD is able to provide this service to its students.

DUSD administrators reported that when school ended in May there were 3,804 students enrolled, which was down 272 from the previous year end-of-year numbers.