Candidates for the United States Senate and House of Representatives are facing off in the Aug. 4 primary. The Herald/review sent a request for biographical information and questions. Their responses appear below.

U.S. Senate

Name: Martha McSally, incumbent

Party Affiliation: Republican

Martha McSally did not respond to the request from Herald/Review.

Name: Bo Garcia

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Bo Garcia did not respond to the request from Herald/Review.

Name: Barry Hess

Age: 63

Occupation: Author, business consultant, voice actor.

Party Affiliation: Libertarian

Family: Wife, Gina; Son, Zelig

Tell us a little about yourself: Actively involved in Arizona politics since 2000, background in business start-ups, international trading, manufacturing, and ‘who’ Arizona needs to represent Arizonans, and protect individual rights, instead of political parties.

What are the major issues facing the area? The major issue will always be individual rights, and keeping government within the scope of its authority. We are over-taxed, and over-regulated to the point where many people look to government to ‘protect’ them from everything they find offensive. Education is sorely lacking because of government involvement, and that influence needs to be eliminated. Unending wars need to end; equal Justice needs to be re-established; the right to defend oneself from bad people, and government, needs to be unrestricted; special privileges need to stop; personal privacy needs to be respected; open and honest elections should be the rule, and the contrived ‘balance’ of power in government needs to be wrestled from the party line power brokers who trade votes instead of looking out for the good of the People. We need to remove the influence of corporate interests and campaign contributors from political decisions and elections. We need Public servants, not career politicians. We need representation that is not just divided into two camps that work with each other to the detriment of the individual Citizens they are elected to serve. Most of all, we need to bring honesty and integrity back and leave no room for corruption and fraud.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected? I will enthusiastically work to eliminate the simple theft taking place through personal, individual taxation of incomes, and property.

I will work to respect ALL Life.

I will work to respect every individual’s right to self-defense.

I will work to bring all American troops home, and out of harm’s way.

I will work to end the phony, ‘war’ on (some) drugs, to eliminate the incredible harm it has imposed on every Citizen, and their families. And to preserve the right of each individual to be the sole decision-maker as to what they do to, or put into their bodies, without exception.

I will work to end all governmental reference to any Citizen as other than just an ‘American’, to end discrimination and special favor.

I will work to eliminate as many useless, anti-constitutional laws as possible, with a goal of repealing at least half of Federal laws.

I will work to restrain and/or expose abuses of power at any and all levels of government.

I will work to eliminate Federal involvement in individual school curriculums and procedures, and to promote educational choices for all parents.

I will work with other Senators, and individuals to moderate their decisions going forward to do my best to make ‘America’, ‘America’, again.

Name: Mark Kelly

Age: 56

Occupation: Retired — United States Navy, Pilot (1986-2011); NASA, Astronaut (1996-2011)

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Family: I am married to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and have two daughters, Claire who recently graduated from ASU and Claudia who lives in Tucson.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a lifelong public servant with experience in the Navy and at NASA solving tough problems and working with people from different backgrounds in service of a greater mission.

What are the major issues facing the area?

When I visited Cochise County before the pandemic what I heard most from Southern Arizonans was concern about access to health coverage and affording rising costs. Many hardworking folks also felt like they weren’t getting ahead and were worried about retirement. Now, on top of these challenges, we’re facing a public health and economic crisis that has made things even tougher.

In fighting this crisis, our leaders can’t keep leaving rural Arizonans behind like they did when they gave more coronavirus relief funding to big cities than small towns. Moving forward, we need to fix our health care system and drive down costs by increasing competition. That includes increasing access to health care in rural areas by supporting providers like Chiricahua Community Health Center, whose great work I saw firsthand in Sierra Vista last summer. Another major issue we face is how to rebuild the economy. I’d work to protect Fort Huachuca, the economic impact it brings to Southern Arizona and the critical role it plays in our national security, while also creating the jobs of the future in energy and tech, and then improve our schools and job training to get Arizonans the skills they need.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

If elected, my top priority would be getting Arizona what it needs to get through this crisis and emerge stronger. Over and over again we’ve been a step behind because leaders in Washington have been focused on politics, not public health. I’ll bring an approach to tackling this crisis, and any issue, that follows science, data, and facts – not politics. That’s how we’re going to slow the spread of the virus, ensure everyone can get the care they need, and rebuild our economy.

I’ll work with Republicans and Democrats on solutions to increase access to capital for small business owners, make investments in job creators like infrastructure and rural broadband, and lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs. Tackling prescription drug prices is an urgent priority I’d work on immediately by allowing Medicare to negotiate down prices, and getting cheaper generics to market more quickly by taking on the ways big pharmaceutical companies abuse the patent system. And finally, I will ensure Washington doesn’t use this crisis as an excuse to cut the Medicare and Social Security benefits that Arizona seniors rely on for a healthy, secure retirement and have earned over a lifetime of hard work.

Name: Sean Lyons

Party Affiliation: Republican (write-in)

Sean Lyons did not respond to the request from Herald/Review.

Name: Daniel McCarthy

Party Affiliation: Republican

Daniel McCarthy did not respond to a the request from Herald/Review.

Name: Alan White

Age: 61 yrs old

Party Affiliation: Independent

Family: Married for 33 years

Ellen Lee (Hopson) White

Children; All born in Phoenix, AZ

Samantha, 28; Adam, 25; Michalla, 22.

Parents: Walter and Elizabeth (Thompson) White; Mother passed in 2018 in Florida. Walter 94 years old USN Pilot LCDR Ret.

Tell us a little about yourself: Awarded a US patent 8,269,368 on September 18, 2012; for a wind solar electric generator. It is the next generation in non carbon produced electric energy. Scalable from utility to EV to portable. All electric vehicles will have one. Vetted by 2 Nobel Prize winners. Windshine Electric LLC; CEO, 2005 to present; 1998 Ind. Candidate for Governor of AZ ; Independent Manufactures Representative and Consultant. 1987 to present.

Aircraft and Aerospace, Surgical and medical soft goods, Water filtration systems, Industrial coatings, High tech welding alloys, Bridesmaids and Couture bridal Mfg, Publishing, Golf course material, Oil distributor.

USAF — Aircraft Maintenance Systems Analyst. 81-85. Top Secret Security Clearance, Expert Marksman in M-16 and .45 cal. Handgun

What are the major issues facing the area? The states major issue going forward are mostly environmental regarding water and land use air quality and energy production. As a patented wind generator designer I am uniquely positioned to help find the solutions to this set of far reaching problems. Water quality and availability going forward is a very real challenge and how we deal with waste water and the water that we use to recharge the ground water is very complicated and expensive, but needs to be addressed.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected? I will work to repeal the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 that set the House of Rep at 435. This discriminatory legislation has taken the voice away from the people. We have gone from 35,000 people per Rep to over 700,000 and that is not acceptable. It was done for power and it achieved that while reducing the voice of the people. Also the repeal of the 17th Amendment that has Senators elected from the population at large in stead of from the state house as it was before. The states lost their voices. Try to get the country back on the original rules as they were written.

U.S. House of RepresentativeName: Ann Kirkpatrick, incumbent

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Ann Kirkpatrick did not respond to the request from Herald/Review.

Name: Jordan Flayer

Party Affiliation: Republican (write-in)

Email: No contact information available

Name: Brandon Martin

Age: 35

Occupation: Executive Director, Keepers of Liberty

Party Affiliation: Republican

Family: Daughter

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a Christian, father, veteran and wish to continue serving my country by representing Arizona’s Second District. As a Constitutional Conservative we need servant leaders that know their job.

What are the major issues facing the area?

Strengthen the economy. We need to support President Trump’s economy and cut regulations and permits to get the American people back to work. All American jobs and lives are essential. People must be able to work to provide for their families. As the Second District Representative, we will be open for business.

Secure the border. We must continue to build the wall, and increase technology with increased numbers of border patrol agents. Our citizens deserve to be safe in their homes and communities. We must put an end to human and drug smuggling.

Defend our rights. Defense of our rights and liberties starts with the 2nd amendment. I will always stand with the people and their right to keep and bear arms.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I will stand with the American people first. We will get the economy back to the greatest the world has ever seen, secure our southern border, and defend the second amendment. I want to end the practice of government sponsored abortion. All life is precious and should be defended. Arizona’s Second District will have the best constituent services possible.

Name: Joseph Morgan

Age: 38

Occupation: Support Technician at Pima Community College

Party Affiliation: Republican

Family: Father, John; Mother, Claire; Sister, Jael

Tell us a little about yourself: I am passionate about service, having dedicate my life to it. I love reading and research. I love football, enjoy debating.

What are the major issues facing the area?

Economy: The most pressing issue politically was and remain the economy. COVID-19 has only exacerbated problems already keenly felt in much of our district. High unemployment, low wage jobs, little to no economic growth, poor educational outcomes, in the Tucson area, high crime rates, and pockets of high poverty. This must be addressed, and the one way we can do that is helping build a strong economy, then we are in a position to fix so many of the other things that are important to the people of CD2. Heretofore, “solutions” to job growth have either been lacking entirely from local political leaders, or they have hindered or slowed that growth. A strong economy will do the most to help solve many of the societal ills we face. Things like poverty, high incarceration rates, lack of access to healthcare, and even abortion can be dealt with in large measure just by having a population that is economically secure. There are even economic solutions to dealing with the problem of illegal immigration that respect our nation’s sovereignty.

Constitutional Liberty: Though it must always be a guiding principle of any elected representative, at any level of public service, to uphold the Constitution, in these days it is even more vital. Current mask mandates, and arbitrary shutdowns are completely, and without reservation against the law! The 9th and 14th Amendment, are very clear in their language, and yet, because so many are ignorant of the Supreme Law of the land, including the vast majority of elected officials, we find personal liberty being assaulted daily; life, liberty, and property being removed without due process; and most people worried more abut whether or not this is necessary, rather than whether it’s constitutional, which it clearly isn’t. Our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is always under attack from the left, but now religious liberties are being removed in the name of public safety! It is essential that we have public servants who not only swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, but actually mean to keep that oath.

Medical Care: A major concern for many people in CD2, and across the country, is the issue of medical care. Obamacare has been an abject failure. It has created a more expensive, less efficient, and less patient friendly healthcare system. The greatest evidence of these realities are the high-deductible plans that are offered in the exchanges, and the long waits at hospitals and emergency rooms for services. People have coverage, but at what cost, and at what hit to quality? As a representative for CD2, I can promise I will fight for common sense legislation that loosens the power of the free-market to address the needs of the consumer of healthcare, by starting the conversation with the medical care needs of each. The answers are all to be found ultimately in the free-market, which, when allowed to work, improves quality and efficiency, expands access, lowers cost, and spurs innovation through competition. In all of this, those among us who are truly incapable of providing the means to care for themselves must be cared for as well.

Border Security/Immigration: Being a border community, the people of CD 2 are affected every day by the issue of illegal immigration and wide-open borders. Congress has failed in its duty to defend the national sovereignty and security of the people of the United States. This must change. Our states, and in particular border communities are being over-run, and the cost, in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, is being born by state and local governments. An open border is also a national security threat. Whether it is the threat of gang members from infamous groups such as MS-13, or people with terrorist connections, a wide-open border is a serious threat to the citizens of this nation. Add to this the human smuggling, trafficking and drug trafficking that occurs regularly across the unfenced portions and it is a mystery that anyone in Congress would oppose securing the border by any and all means necessary.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

My primary goal if elected will be to bring economic prosperity to this region. I can accomplish much of that goal without Congress. I will also bring great transparency to the process by which the current legislation in Congress is written, lobbied for, and voted upon. The bureaucratic state has grown in power, while Congress is filled with members who spend their time currying favor with lobbyists who endorse particular legislation, and essentially buy their votes. Little time is spent trying to represent the districts or states they come from. This is wrong, and highly unethical. It also leads to legislation that is often diametrically opposed to the benefit of the people representatives claim to be looking out for. It must end. But first, it must be addressed. Publicly.

Name: Peter Quilter

Age: 57

Occupation: Peter is a father, attorney, diplomat, Latino and life-long Democrat.

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Family: Wife of 25 years is a Special Education teacher in Tucson (MA- UofA). Three sons: 1. youngest attends public high school in Tucson; 2. Middle guy is a rising senior at the UofA; eldest is a rocket scientist in Seattle.

Tell us a little about yourself: Whole life serving the public. Diplomat, Senior staffer in U.S. Congress, COO of diplomatic organization, Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Served in every Democratic Presidential campaign since Clinton.

What are the major issues facing the area?

Climate change is the existential problem of our lifetime, and that of our children. It affects everything: weather, agriculture, immigration, poverty and yes – disease. Southern Arizona is already a smart steward of its natural resources (water and sun). I will help marshal the considerable expertise, goodwill and enthusiasm we already possess to become national leaders on climate change in Congress.

Affordable, universal health care. COVID has made clear the need for a single-payer health care scheme for everyone. I support Medicare for All, but it may never prosper. We must keep our eye on the ball: to craft a universal, affordable health care system. The ACA is, and I believe always was, a stepping stone to get us there. And we will get there.

Education: Our schools are underfunded and our teachers are underpaid. As a state we rank almost dead last in the country for the resources we devote to educating our children. This makes no sense. The future of Arizona and AZ-2 is in the hands of our children. We need a RED for ED 2.0. And I will introduce legislation for a massive federal support program for our schools.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected? I represent a new generation and an embrace of the future. I am Latino in a State where the Latino population is growing. I do not accept corporate money and will only represent your interests in Congress. My opponent is funded by hedge funds, military contractors, and real estate developers. Do you know whose interests she is representing? Congress today is full of 70 and 80-something professional politicians who see their job as endlessly trolling for money just to stay elected. No wonder my opponent won’t debate me. AZ-2 voters deserve better than that. AZ-2 is a district full of energy, ideas and passion for the cutting edge issues I spoke about above. I will be a strong voice in Congress for you — and no one else. On August 4, let’s change this thing!

Name: Eric Noran Ruden

Party Affiliation: Republican

Eric Ruden did not respond to the request from Herald/Review.

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