SIERRA VISTA — After the general election Tuesday night left several races throughout the state too close to call, additional vote tallies that came in Thursday night still provide no solid winners.

The race for Sierra Vista mayor has only tightened as of the latest update by Cochise County. Incumbent Mayor Rick Mueller is still in the lead with 6,831 votes, or 50.5 percent of the votes, while challenger Craig Mount has 6,632 votes, or 49.03 percent of the votes.

The latest numbers reflect all 2,367 early ballots verified and counted by the county on Thursday.

According to the county, there are still nearly 1,700 provisional ballots that must be individually verified and tallied.

Provisional ballots are used when the eligibility of a person to vote is unclear or questioned. Some of the more common reasons someone might cast a provisional ballot are the voter’s name is not on a precinct’s electoral roll, eligibility can’t be established or the voter’s registration has an incorrect name spelling or wrong address.

For a provisional ballot to be counted, the voter’s eligibility must be verified. That is why the county must go through each of them individually.

The county will post these numbers as soon as they are available, hopefully by the end of Friday though it could stretch into next week.

With only 199 votes separating Mueller and Mount, provisional ballots could still impact the results of the race.

Mueller said he “looks forward to the finished count.”

Mount said he is tracking the results, adding, “We will respect the final votes.”

The Herald/Review will continue track the results and provide an update as soon as it is available.


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