Chloe Luevano

Chloe Luevano felt like she wanted to do something worthwhile that would really help other people.

Attempting to decide what to do with the rest of her life after graduating from Buena High school, Chloe Luevano felt like she wanted to do something worthwhile that would really help other people. She said, “I began praying and asking my Heavenly Father what the next step in my life should be. Months went by and I still felt as if I was living a life that was currently leading me nowhere. Then my answer came; I was reminded of the desire I had to serve a mission when I was younger. I was reminded of the large impact that the missionaries had on me when I was growing up. That was when I received my answer that the Lord wanted me to have that same impact on someone else.” Luevano will leave September 4 to serve an 18-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Luevano family has lived in Sierra Vista for a total of 12 years, first when Chloe was quite young and then after returning from a move to New Mexico where her father worked for the Border Patrol. Chloe attended high school here and graduated from Buena. She played on the volleyball team and was in the band for her freshman and sophomore year.

“I’m so incredibly proud of Chloe,” Travis Luevano, Chloe’s brother commented. “In this day and age, a religious conviction can be seen as a foolish notion, but Chloe will bring love and desire that people will rarely be able to experience in their lifetimes. She’s been the most self-sufficient of all of us and she’s an amazing sister. I’m excited to watch her grow and blossom into an amazing woman and it’s all going to start with her being an amazing missionary.”

Chloe’s parents, Nelly and Ignacio have similar feelings about Chloe’s mission. “We are really happy that Chloe has decided to serve a mission. It will be a great experience for her to share the gospel with the people of Wisconsin. It will be difficult but will be worth it. Chloe will be able to give service to those in need and this will help strengthen her testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.”

Older sister, Dyanna Potter, and oldest brother, Alex, both agree it won’t be easy to serve a mission, but that Chloe will learn and grow, not only from the experiences of her mission, but also from the people she will meet.

Chloe added that she feels like a mission is the perfect way to serve God’s children. She will talk in church at the Yaqui building at 2211 E Yaqui Street in Sierra Vista on Sunday, August 25 at 10:30 in the morning.

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