Blessings of a mission

Christian Lewis recently returned from serving a two-year mission in St. George, Utah.

SIERRA VISTA — Christian Lewis recently returned from serving a two-year, Spanish-speaking mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. George, Utah and several surrounding towns.

“We had some crazy experiences while on my mission, but I was blessed,” said Lewis.

He shared two experiences that changed his life because he felt the Savior was helping him to share the gospel.

In Minersville, Utah, Lewis and his companion went to find some Spanish speakers. They were told there was a Spanish-speaking family living on one corner of the next street with a brown fence around their yard. This person had been living there for five years and no one knew about him. The missionaries were able to teach him.

Another experience happened while in Fillmore, Utah. Lewis and his companion were teaching a family with an eight-year-old son who wanted to be baptized, but had questions. As their lessons continued, this little boy decided to be baptized, and now he wants to serve a mission like the missionaries.

“For an eight-year-old, he had some really thoughtful questions,” said Lewis.

Christian’s parents also shared some of the blessings they received while their son was serving. Cindy Lewis noted that they had to travel across the U.S. 17 different times for one reason or another, even going through ice storms in Texas when the freeways were closed.

“Even though travel was slow and difficult we were always able to find a warm place to be and enough fuel and food,” she said.

Lewis shared his feelings of how he has grown to know his Savior, Jesus Christ even better by serving a mission.

“My relationship with my Savior has grown because I had to learn to rely on [Him] to give me direction on where I should go or who to know” he explained. “I now know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. All of this came through prayer and fasting and seeking understanding.”

Like all missionaries, the pandemic affected Christian Lewis’s experience.

“The work has been affected in a tremendous number of ways, he said. “First, we couldn’t eat with the members. Second, we had to teach all the lessons over video chat. And ultimately, we had to always wear masks in public. It was a different experience. We had to revamp the whole system on how we did missionary work.”

One last blessing Lewis felt he received was to accomplish and grow some of his talents. He desired to learn to speak Spanish, learn about technology and work on cars.

“I had the opportunity to speak Spanish during the mission which helped to increase my fluency,” he said. “I got to help people with computer problems which increased my desire to learn about them. I also talked and learned about cars. That helped increase my desire to fix up my car at home.”

His plans now are to attend Cochise College to study computer science and to continue practicing his Spanish.

Submitted by Bonnie Holyoak