Kaulin Goulding

Before being called to serve, Kaulin Goulding worked to save money, spent a year at Eastern Arizona College, and prepared himself to serve a mission.

Kaulin Goulding is serving a service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Tucson Arizona Mission. He said, “At first I was hesitant about a Church service mission. But after thinking about it and learning more about it, I knew that a mission was a mission. It didn’t matter where you served.”

Before being called to serve, Kaulin worked to save money, spent a year at Eastern Arizona College, and prepared himself to serve a mission. He knew he wanted to serve, and he didn’t think about the hard work he had to do to prepare. He has always had to work harder for what he desires to do. Goulding has Asperger’s syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, but this has not limited him in any way. He laughingly said, “It helps me be very outgoing.”

Goulding’s family are excited for him to serve a mission. His father, Tom Goulding, said, “I’m very happy for my son. I think working as a missionary will help him develop good patterns in [his] life in working hard, being mindful of others’ needs, and living in a way that will lead him down a meaningful and joyful path.” Marnie Goulding, Kaulin’s mother, added, “I am thankful Kaulin has this opportunity to serve. I love that he will be able to serve in various organizations and learn more about them. I am hoping that through this process he can be humble and gain more appreciation of the need to serve those around him. This is something he can carry with him throughout life.”

Service missionaries live at home and work during the day performing their responsibilities. On Goulding’s mission, he will serve in various places in the Arizona Tucson Mission, which includes Sierra Vista. He will serve in the Sierra Vista community choir on Mondays and at St Vincent de Paul. On another day during the week he will work at the LDS Family History Center here in Sierra Vista helping people who are searching for their ancestors. When he goes to Tucson, he will work at a food distribution center run by the Church for helping the needy and serve in the Tucson Temple. Other assignments may be given as time goes by.

Goulding grew up in Sierra Vista. He was active in scouting and earned his Eagle Scout Award. He also played soccer, baseball and football at Joyce Clark Middle School and Buena High School. Music is one of his strengths, and he is always singing. He was in choir at Buena and made the National Honor Choir. He was also in the band and in several musicals.

— Submitted by Bonnie Holyoak