Joshua Kirk leaves on Aug. 19 to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He says, “Since I’ve received my call, I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I want to give up two years of my life for the Lord. It’s helped me know that [even though] a lot of people think it’s crazy, I know that the Lord will protect me and bless me as I serve a mission for Him.”

Kirk is eager to go on a mission despite everything going on in the world today. “Especially now people need to hear the word of Christ. The joy the Church has brought to me makes me want to share and help others have the opportunity to experience that joy as well,” he says.

Kirk is the very first one to serve a mission in his family. His mother, Michelle Kirk says, “My husband, (Bob) and I are so proud of our son, Joshua and his decision to go on a mission. He has always had it as part of his plan to go. My husband was not raised in the church. Joshua’s half-brother as well as his two sisters have served or are serving in the military. All his siblings are very proud and excited for him, too. We pray he will learn and grow and really enjoy this experience. We love him so much and want him to have the best life.”

Concerning the trying times during this global pandemic, Joshua and his family feel the Lord will protect him and keep him safe. He adds, “I feel like it will help more people come unto Christ and be willing to learn of the Church.”

For the past two months, Kirk has worked to save money for his mission. He feels that working has helped him to stay on the right path.

Kirk attended Buena High School and wrestled all four years. He played football his senior year. He has also participated in Motocross since he was eight-years old. The Kirks have lived here for around 24 years. His dad established High Desert Images, a local landscaping company. “I’ve been here all my life. My parents were stationed here for the Navy and my dad retired soon after. Living here has helped me grow in the church,” he shares. “I’m so grateful for the blessing of my parents retiring here. I have great friends and great influencers in the church who have also helped me towards a mission and supported me all along the way.”