BENSON — Benson resident Kim Jensen and summer visitor Toni Koopmeiners are spending some of their summer days sewing face masks for people in Benson to help protect them against COVID-19.

Last Tuesday morning, the two women teamed up to work on the project in an activity room at the Quarter Horse Motel in Benson, where Jensen cut the masks out and ironed the fabric while Koopmeiners assembled them on her sewing machine to produce the finished product.

The two have made more than 200 face masks and are continuing to produce more.

Seated in a chair overseeing the project was Daisy Mae, a small dog who watches the seamstresses at work.

“I plan to keep making face masks as long as they’re needed,” Koopmeiners said. “I’ve been sewing for years, and to me, sewing is relaxing.”

Jensen likes the idea of sewing for a good cause.

“If we can help protect the public by making face masks they’ll wear because they like the color and design, then it’s worth doing this,” she said.

Koopmeiners said she looks forward to the day when the pandemic resolves and face masks are no longer needed.

“But they’re already talking about COVID-20, so it doesn’t sound too promising,” she said. “Regardless of what happens with COVID, there is always a need for masks in Arizona because of allergies, blowing dust and other issues.”

Another group of women who get together and make face masks out of the Quarter Horse Motel are Cory Camp, Flo Germain, Julie Oliver and Dee Sluder. The four have made more than 600 face masks and continue cranking them out for the community’s benefit while they’re needed through COVID.

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