How well do you think Kyler Murray will do in the NFL?

“I feel like he’s going to be really good his rookie year. There might be some butterflies, first NFL game jitters. As soon as he gets that first hit I’m pretty sure he’s going to get right back to where he was, how he was slinging it and got his Hiesman Trophy.”

Christian Estrella, Sr., Douglas-Douglas High School

“He’s a great athlete. Dual-sport athlete, both MLB and NFL. With the NFL I feel like he’ll do good, become Rookie of the Year.”

Tyler Wilridge, Sr., Hereford-Tombstone High School

“Kyler Murray’s gonna make a big impact on the Cardinals this year, because without having a quarterback that can move the ball you can’t get nowhere as an offensive team or even get to the Super Bowl.”

Andrew Watkins, Sr., Whetstone-Tombstone High School

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