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SIERRA VISTA — While attendees frolic and enjoy the many activities and events offered at Saturday’s first annual Roadrunner Brew Fest, a group of about 10 men and women will be taking their participation at the event very seriously.

When first looking toward a career after high school, Cory Adams did not have welding in mind, and when he later decided to look into that field for mostly practical purposes, found a path that he would not only go on to be very successful in, but that he loved.

PHOENIX — Across the nation, killing contests are held in which predators and other small mammals are killed in mass numbers in a short amount of time with cash and prizes going to the person with the most kills.

As Sierra Vista Fire Battalion Chief Joshua Meeker ran by the site of the Boston Marathon bombings, he said the boisterous crowd faded away for a moment. It was an inspiring feeling, one of many emotional points during his first time running the famous marathon.