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Two friends meet for lunch. When the other’s phone rings, her friend bites back a snarl. What could provoke such a response from an amiable woman? Well, we might have to edit the woman’s description a bit.

Herald/Review: The YES Fair is going on this week, held by SSVEC; over the years, have you noticed the quality of the students’ projects improving? And if so, to what do you attribute that?

Casual sky-gazers are often taken by surprise when our sister planet, Venus, reaches high into the evening sky. Its intense brilliance draws the attention of anyone watching the sunset. By month’s end, it will be at its greatest distance from the sun and its highest apparition in eight years…

Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies on the evening of Feb. 10, and mark your calendars to remind yourself to spend the hour after sunset gazing at the western sky. Sunset is about 6 p.m. that night. You’ll probably be able to spot Venus, high in the western sky even before the sun drop…

SIERRA VISTA — While attendees frolic and enjoy the many activities and events offered at Saturday’s first annual Roadrunner Brew Fest, a group of about 10 men and women will be taking their participation at the event very seriously.

When first looking toward a career after high school, Cory Adams did not have welding in mind, and when he later decided to look into that field for mostly practical purposes, found a path that he would not only go on to be very successful in, but that he loved.