Have you had the dubious pleasure of being nudged by a bulldozer? What if said earth mover was sentient and moved people instead of dirt?

If you tend to be doubting Thomas, consider the following.

Politicians are the most adept at bulldozing how and what they want people to think or act. One has to wonder about folks. They tend to be weak-willed and easily manipulated. But that is not how they see themselves

Just look at what just two relatively insignificant guys managed to achieve with their bulldozing style. The men being Napoleon and Hitler. The sad part is that people listened to them and then followed their lead.

Of course, some people resemble reptiles in their mindset. They lack the backbone to stand up for themselves and for what is right. Your humble writer likes to call them sheeple. They follow the shepherd, the sheepdog, or the macho ram.

Contemp-lating the profound holds no interest for the average person. They prefer their mundane and safe bubble of existence. Becoming involved in deep discussions about life has them rushing to the nearest party or pub.

We have encountered people who refuse to engage in conversations involving the so-called taboo subjects. But topics like politics and religion are at the top of the no-no list. And yet, this lady has enjoyed fascinating conversations which involved both those topics.

The real problems during conversations on touchy subjects arise when one or both parties lose their temper. At that point, a rational and calm discussion becomes impossible. Added to that particular mix is the inability or refusal of folks to listen to what the other person says. Instead, the supposed listeners spend the time focusing on what they intend to say. Consequently, people talk past each other rather than to each other.

Such inattentive listeners end up choosing and following useless leaders. Their goals matter more than the people who elected them. The needs of the self supersede the needs of the other people around you.

Toddlers and teenagers have innate bulldozing abilities. They perfected their bulldozing tactics and used them shamelessly. As you can see, sentient bulldozers walk among us.

When you think about it, turning into a human bulldozer is not that difficult. But you do have to ignore other people’s feelings. Once you rev up your determined engine, nothing must stand in your way. But if you are lucky, there is someone in the wings ready to pull you off the ledge and remind you to consider the other person’s desires. Your well-intentioned focus is not the ultimate goal.

Believe it or not, if you are in sales or other leadership positions, having a bulldozer side can be an asset. However, it would be best if you remembered to have a sidekick. They will help rein in your excessive enthusiasm.

For example, in one of many jobs, this lady managed to squeeze into her life adventures; she was a Tupperware manager. Her approach to achieving sales and booking parties was to treat others as she wanted to be treated. She never pressured the attendees to host a future party.

Unlike the polyester-clad holy terror Tupperware lady some customers encountered. That particular goddess of peddling plastics was not above stating: “No one leaves here until at least two of you book a party so your hostess can receive the gift she so dearly wants.” Can you say bulldozer personality?

Keep in mind that the hostess desired a small appliance or other items she could have purchased with less hassle. But gathering with friends, and in some cases, frenemies to have a fun evening and spend money was the idea behind home parties.

Stopping to consider such behavior from the bulldozed person’s perspective is rare. Remember, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

The frustrating part is that all too often, the bulldozer is a relative or a friend. Unfortunately, not many of us have the ability or the tact to smack the offender upside the head, preferably with a down pillow or something small and harmless. The harmless part is critical in avoiding a lengthy vacation in prison.

Elizabeth “Liz” Cowan is a freelance writer and author. Check out her suspense novels on amazon.com. Website: www.elizabethcowan.com.