Even the most placid person gets mad or blows up about stupid things. But why?

Perhaps the answer is as simple as the stress of isolation and the myriad annoying things going on in the world. In either case, please do not assume your humble writer has anywhere near a calm personality.

Truth be told, her temperament is closer to volcanic than a peaceful pond. There are times her combative personality is more suited to males than a tiny female. But everyone has the capability of a final trigger that no amount of meditation can calm.

Over the years, there were countless reasons to be pugnacious, ready to tilt at the windmills of injustice. But this lady’s current agitation is partly due to the COVID dictators and the enforced isolation.

As a consequence of being alone, this lady managed to read 390 books in 2020. Some of them were not the pleasant distraction she sought in all the various books she consumed.

On the contrary, some made her angry with the people populating those books. Perhaps her annoyance with many of the characters, often females, is because she does not identify with weak and needy females. Their behavior is beyond annoying, as is their lack of common sense.

But sometimes, her ire landed squarely on the pointy-headed authors and their unnecessary repetitiveness. Not to mention the grammatical errors that effectively jarred the reader out of the flow of a story.

Case in point, the trilogy on which this lady wasted three days of her life. If you wonder why she willingly did so, the answer is the storyline caught her interest. She had to know how it all ended. So, yes, it was her choice to read the books, but the process of slogging through the extraneous muck stirred her wrath.

To exacerbate the situation, Book 1 was 435 pages. Book II was 417 pages. And the final agonizing Book III was 415 pages.

Join us for a few examples to illustrate the reason for her need to vent.

In the middle of yet another love scene, the author says the woman wrangled her fingers through her lover’s hair. According to the dictionary, synonyms for “wrangled” include argued, disputed, bickered, squabbled, just to name a few. None of those words conjure thoughts of the horizontal mambo or foreplay.

This reader envisioned a cowboy riding a bucking bronco when the word wrangled popped up. We hope her lover did not end up bald.

Everything about this couple is perfect. The guy is rich and gorgeous. She is beautiful, but not wealthy. In real life, wealthy guys are rarely handsome. If you doubt this, check out George Soros or Bill Gates. Gag worthy.

If the reader is lucky, we get a short paragraph concerning the actual storyline. Then four or more pages of horizontal, vertical, and every other position conceivable on a bed or other surface. Call it the adult version of slip and slide.

It is frustrating to be hooked by a story concept and be sidetracked by fillers of adult recreational activities designed to titillate the reader’s libido. This lady more than enjoyed that part of life with Hubby. But a book is not real life.

The frequent and detailed love scenes were repetitive. Medical examinations instead of lovemaking. Did the author cut and paste them throughout the books?

Ready for more examples?

He entangled his lips with hers. What is he an octopus? We could accept entwining their tongues, which, by the way, this couple did a lot.

She severed their embrace. That probably hurt. Were they wearing clothing and face gear covered in sharp blades?

She forked her fingers through his hair. Synonyms our good buddy the dictionary offers instead of forked are divided, branched, pronged, and bifurcated. This particular author managed to make the sexiest scenes boring, in more ways than one.

She consumed him with her most private parts. Perhaps he ought to be concerned. Did those parts have sharp teeth, like the sandworms of Dune?

At one point, he appeared in the doorway, carrying a confused look. Was it heavy?

Quality and substance matters.

Elizabeth “Liz” Cowan is a freelance writer and author. Check out her suspense novels on amazon.com. Website: www.elizabethcowan.com.