Are you uncomfortable using chemical herbicides to kill weeds and grasses in your landscape and gardens? Why not let the sun do the work for you? It’s called “Solarization” and summertime is the perfect time to use it. Ideally, solarization should begin in May, extend into June, and be completed by July just in time to plant sweet corn and fall melons; however Solarization can be used anytime during the summer to clear your landscape of weeds and grasses.

Solarization is the most effective and the safest means of controlling weeds, weed seed, unwanted grass, and soil pest problems in home gardens and landscapes. In the high desert lots of heat from high solar radiation make soil solarization the very best solution – and it doesn’t involve chemicals.

John Chapman was, garden teacher on radio, TV and garden columnist in Phoenix, AZ media for years and practices what he preaches. He now lives in Southern, AZ Questions;

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