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Janet Amos

Living the Ketoluscious Way

Have you ever reached that rock bottom point in life with seemingly nothing left to lose and in that moment of desperation you make a change that transforms your life?

That’s the point Janet Amos reached in 2015. As a disabled veteran, suffering debilitating multiple sclerosis, Janet’s life was a living nightmare of fatigue, dizziness, severe vertigo, migraine induced seizures, memory loss, neck pain, extreme hand tremors, and slurred speech. Confined to her bed and unwilling to accept this barely existing life as her fate, Janet “snapped”. Believing she had nothing left to lose, and against all conventional wisdom (she just didn’t care anymore), Janet threw away all of her medications (including her daily MS injections), cleaned out here kitchen, removed all grains, sugars, and processed foods and began her journey into a life of eating to live instead of living to eat.

Within a couple of weeks stumbling through this new way of living, Janet began to see results. As she learned more and became more discriminating in her diet her condition improved. No longer confined to the bed she was eating organically grown fruits and vegetables, along with grain free, sugar free, and low carb meals. Thinking she had turned a corner in life, Janet for the first time in as long as she could remember, stepped out and walked to her local movie theater to live a little. Throwing caution to the wind she had a chocolate brownie and ice cream – with chocolate syrup. The next three days Janet spent in bed reliving her old nightmare, her symptoms had returned in full ravaging force.

This was what Janet called her “Ah Ha moment.” She realized it was her food that was killing her, not her body. With that excruciating lesson permanently branded upon her consciousness she vowed — never again!

It’s been years now and Janet says she is 90% healed. Her MRIs now show her lesions disappearing, which she said her doctors told her wasn’t possible. (They claimed it was some sort of placebo effect which has now lasted nearly five years, so she fired her neurologist).

Because her energy levels are back up and she no longer needs assistance moving about or walking, Janet packed away the wheelchair and walkers in her storage shed, a milestone in her journey to living a healthy and active life again.

One of the additional benefits of Janet’s new way of life was that her husband Jeff who suffers from pulmonary hypertension was forced to eat the Keto way as well. After undergoing a double lung transplant, Jeff was up and walking the next day and out of the ICU after only seven days. Janet and Jeff credit his amazing recovering to their Keto lifestyle.

Because the Keto diet so drastically changed their lives, Janet was convinced it could change other people’s lives as well and this led to her starting the Ketoluscious Bakery. Janet doesn’t just claim her baked goods are truly KETO, but guarantees that they are made with only the best KETO ingredients. Janet says she is true to her word. Her baked goods contain NO Grain – No Sugar – No Gluten and they are chemical free, as she describes it “just beautiful clean and delicious food.”

Now, if you are wondering if Janet’s claims sound too good to be true, why don’t you stop by the Sierra Vista Farmers Market this week and talk to Janet about her journey from chronic illness to living an active healthy life again. While you are there, try some of her KETO baked goods and see just how good living the KETO way can be. Come experience the Ketoluscious Way by eating to live instead of living to eat.

We hope to see you all at this Thursdays Farmers Market between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Come on out and enjoy the food, arts, and fun at this great community event. For our full market update with all of our fantastic vendors and their produce and products please see our weekly newsletter at:

Submitted by William Struse