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Earl and April King of Four Kings Kitchen.

Healthy living is a priority for many of us today, yet in our modern society the most inexpensive and accessible food available to us is normally packed with sugar, refined flour, and enough preservatives to make an Egyptian mummy jealous.

A similar problem faced April and Earl King, when they set out to find an on-the-go snack that was delicious, keto-friendly, low-carb, and nutrient dense. Their journey began when April, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, tasted a friend’s homemade granola and decided she wanted to make her own healthy snacks that were grain-free, sugar-free, and packed a powerful nutritional punch. There was a problem though; April had one additional seemingly impossible hurdle she had set for herself, the snacks needed to be delicious. After all, healthy eating is a wonderful concept in theory, but there is not much motivation to eat healthy if all that nutrition tastes like cardboard.

After what felt like endless experimenting, April finally accomplish her goal of a healthy on-the-go snack that was mouth watering delicious. April’s granola was so good in fact, that April and Earl decided it was worth sharing with the world. This decision to share their delicious granola was the impetuous for them starting Four Kings Kitchen. Like many new entrepreneurs, April and Earl saw their local farmers market as perfect outlet to share their products because they knew that many who frequent farmers markets share their passion for healthy living. The Sierra Vista Farmers Markets is pleased to let you know that Four Kings Kitchen now sells their wonderful granola products at our Thursday market in Veterans Memorial Park.

So if you believe that healthy eating is one of the keys to healthy living, stop by the Four Kings Kitchen’s purple tent at the west end of the farmers market this Thursday and try some of their free samples of naturally healthy granola like Superfood Sweet Hot, Original, or Pumpkin Spice with Apple. April and Earl are super friendly and enjoy talking with their customers, so be sure to say hi and ask them about their granola.

Artisan Thursday

It is Artisan Thursday again! That means the Sierra Vista Farmers Markets invites a wider array of local artisans to share their fine hand made products alongside our regular vendors. This week at the market not only will we have the added energy of more artisan vendors, but we will also have our regular vendors who you’ve come to depend on for your naturally grown meats, fruits, and vegetables as well as our vendors who provide you with great prepared food products for you to enjoy at the market or take home for dinner.

Like and Comment Contest

This week we’ll also have our monthly $100 Farmers Market cash token giveaway contest. For your chance to win $100 in farmers market tokens that can be spent at any of our market vendor booths, just like our facebook contest post and comment on the post by telling us one thing special you like doing in Cochise County (besides going to the farmers market).

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We look forward to seeing you all at Thursday’s Market.

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