Put your rhythm to the test with Jazzercise, a full-body workout that instructor Paula Miller insists anyone can do.

Each class varies in moves, music and workouts but what is guaranteed by Miller is a full body exercise and having a good time.

“If you go and you like it then you become addicted,” Miller said. “It’s an all over good workout.”

Miller had 36 years of Jazzercise experience. She started as a student and after 12 years decided to become and instructor. Miller started off in Seattle and on May 1 of this year she took over as owner for the Sierra Vista franchise. In addition to her ownership role she teaches half of the six classes offered in the area.

“Jazzercise is my first love and I think it always will be,” she said.

Miller and her associate Cassie Carpenter offer their classes at the Rothery Center off of Fry Boulevard. The classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:30 a.m as well as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 5:45 p.m. Anyone’s first class is free.

Jazzercise, crowned “the original fitness dance-party,” was established as a national organization in 1969 by Judy Sheppard Missett. There are currently 8,500 instructors spread through 32 countries and more than 200,000 customers with a wide range of fitness levels and ages.

As an instructor, Miller, receives more than 20 routines from Jazzercise for her to learn so she is able to teach her classes. The varying routines allow music to change constantly — every 10 weeks — and each class to be different.

“It’s an aerobic class,” she said. “There’s always four current cardio and three strength routines. It keeps us from playing things from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.”

Weights and resistance bands are used throughout the classes, but Miller said a lot of the workout come from different movements of the body. She said for core workouts, it’s a lot of twisting and leaning to exercise those muscles.

While the Jazzercise classes will work up a sweat and pushes people, Miller shows modifications of each of the steps for people who need or would like a low impact workouts. Miller admits she does a low-impact workout but if someone wants to jump harder then she does, she encourages them to do so.

One of Miller’s favorite reasons for being an instructor is being able to help her customers attain their goals, whether it’s weight loss or transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The people who participate in Miller’s and other Jazzercise classes tend to form a bond and become like a family, which is another reason Jazzercise makes her happy.

“It’s a friendship,” she said. “And it’s a healthy friendship. Everyone lets loose and opens their arm to everyone.”

For more information contact Miller at 425-422-3455 or via email paulasjazz@comcast.net

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