A Maryland man was arrested in connection with an armed robbery of a Chevron gas station outside of Willcox.

Hidalgo County Sheriff deputies arrested Tavarus Devone Jones, 33, in New Mexico Sunday morning in connection with the robbery. According to a Cochise County Sheriff ‘s Office report, Jones will be facing felony charges for the armed robbery of the gas station once he has been extradited to Arizona.

According to the report, a Chevron gas station employee told deputies a man later identified as Jones came into the gas station talking to himself. He brought several items to the cash register and when the employee attempted to scan the items, Jones said he had robbed a store five miles away and left his gun in the car. Jones then told the employee to open the cash register and give him all the 20 dollar bills, according to the report. When the employee gave him the money, Jones told the employee that he would come back and kill him if the police were called or he was arrested. Jones left with $250 of items and money from the store, the report stated.

Photos were taken from the gas station’s security cameras for an Attempt To Locate notice, which was issued to other law enforcement agencies that night.

Jones was arrested the next morning on Interstate 10 in New Mexico after Hidalgo County Sheriff Office deputies spotted a vehicle matching the suspect’s vehicle.

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