A fox (not the one seen here) was responsible for a power outage at Fort Huachuca Tuesday morning.

SIERRA VISTA — Fort Huachuca was plunged into darkness for three hours Tuesday morning after a fox got into a transformer and caused an explosion, a spokeswoman said.

As a result, the post was left with no power, no heat, no email service and, one less fox.

“Yes, a fox,” said Fort Huachuca spokeswoman Tanja Linton.

Linton said the unfortunate animal, though dead, was still recognizable when the situation was discovered. The power was out on post from 5:45 to 8:43 a.m., she said.

“We worked with TEP (Tucson Electric Power) and SSVEC (Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative) and the power was restored at 8:43 a.m.,” Linton said.

Non-essential personnel were contacted and told to stay home Tuesday morning, Linton said. There was no heat and temperatures were in the low 30s when the incident occurred.

The outage extended across the installation, disrupting operations and delaying openings of schools, clinics, daycare facilities and the commissary, officials said in Twitter posts, according to the Associated Press.

Jack Blair of SSVEC said several crews from the company were on standby to assist Tucson Electric Power. No one from Tucson Electric Power could be reached for comment Tuesday.

Linton said there are backup generators at Fort Huachuca, and “life goes on.”

She also said animals have been known to creep into transformers at the post from time to time.

“This time, the fox was not in the henhouse, it was in the transformer,” Linton said.

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