“I thought the halftime show was very entertaining. I thought that Shakira and J.Lo as entertainers did an excellent job bringing that to the table. I thought the costumes were perfect for each of their bodies. It was really obvious that they take care of themselves. As older ladies they were able to show how good they look and entertain. It wasn’t supposed to be necessarily modest. I thought that it was great.”

Haley Gleckner, Sierra Vista

“I thought it was artistic, but as a father of two young boys, 10 and 12, that’s not necessarily something that I would expect to see during a sporting event that they want to watch at 6 o’clock in the evening on a Sunday.”

Liam Fernald, Sierra Vista

“Honestly I thought they looked great. I know Jennifer Lopez is 50 and Shakira is 43 and they’re both moms. To see them confidently on stage with their amazing physiques was motivating. I do feel like the camera angles were a little risqué. I don’t think it was anything that they did, the performers. I think it was like the low shots from the camera of their nether regions. I think that that is what a lot of people were uncomfortable with. Other than that though I think it was a great halftime show.”

Geena Chizek, Fort Huachuca

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