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Master carpenter Keith Settlemeyer stands in a home he is constructing in his Tiny House Future workshop in Huachuca City.

HUACHUCA CITY — Keith Settlemeyer, a master carpenter and furniture maker with a workshop in Huachuca City, is in the process of launching a tiny house business.

“The whole tiny house concept has become very popular in recent years,” he said. “Some people prefer tiny houses because they’re tired of being tied to decades of mortgage payments and want to downsize for more freedom.

Once Settlemeyer’s business — “Tiny House Future” — is launched, he’ll begin to produce tiny homes on his property at 116 S. Huachuca Blvd. in Huachuca City.

While most tiny houses range between 200 and 400 square feet, Settlemeyer has designed a 104-square-foot, transportable structure that he calls a “cabin-net,” built to suit his customers’ specifications.

“My motto is, if you can describe it, we can build it.”

Settlemeyer refers to his tiny houses as “portable dry units,” with sleep and sitting areas.

“I tell people that these are built with a ‘roof that don’t leak, a floor that don’t squeak and a place to put up your feet,’ while providing safety and security,” Settlemeyer said.

The transportable buildings can be used as a spare bedroom, an office, medical unit or man cave, said Settlemeyer.

“These cabin-nets have multiple uses and can be modified to suit customers’ specifications. If you can describe it, we can build it.”

While stepping into a nearly-completed tiny house on his property, Settlemeyer said, “This is how our tiny house begins, as a basic structure that we call a cabin-net.”

As a space saving feature, he has developed a wall bed that serves a dual purpose of bed and drop table.

These concept-driven homes are designed as an affordable living space, much like an additional bedroom or office. People who may want to upgrade their tiny homes with utilities will need county approval, Settlemeyer said.

As a master carpenter and retired union carpenter, Settlemeyer is a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. He also belongs to the Tiny House Industry Association as well as Tiny Home Builders.

Settlemeyer expects Tiny House Future to be open for business by mid-year 2021.

For information, call 520-255-3951 or go to