GLEESON — Joe Bono was raised 74 years ago in the back of a saloon in Gleeson – which had already turned into a ghost town – where he lived off-grid the first five years of his life with kerosene lamps, a well for water and an outdoor privy before he ever knew what off-grid meant. But Bono – whose father emigrated from Italy in 1910 to the once booming copper-mining town on the south side of the Dragoon Mountains – couldn’t shake off Gleason’s colorful ghost town dust.

Two years ago, the man whose uncle once ran Tombstone’s famous, high-stepping Crystal Palace Saloon where Doc Holiday and Big Nose Kate were once regulars bought Gleeson’s notorious jail, not far from the town's infamous hanging tree, where prisoners were once regularly tied to. He also has a treasure trove of historical artifacts from his father’s Gleeson store – Joe Bono’s Mercantile Store and Saloon, which sold supplies to the town’s copper mines and ranchers – he has donated to Gleeson’s jail museum.

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