Cochise County Director of Elections Lisa Marra operates the ballot tabulator machine last year.

For the primary election in 2020, the largest turnout by age of residents was the 55-64 range for both the days of primary and general election, data that was recorded at just one of the 17 voting center locations in the county. The lowest turnout for in-person voting for the primary election was the youngest age group of eligible voters, 18-24 years old. However, during the day of the general election, the youngest generation of voters outpaced the age group of 75 and up. On average, most voters showed up at 9 a.m. for poll turnout for the primary.

Cochise County of Elections has stated the challenges being faced in 2020 and now are the deliberate spread of misinformation regarding voting by mail. Director of Elections Lisa M. Marra said this is a concern as it continues to undermine voter confidence. She said there’s been a long history of voting by mail for the last 30 years with large success and fair elections in the state of Arizona, especially in Cochise County.

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