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SIERRA VISTA — The Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force made two DUI arrests during a saturation detail conducted in the Sierra Vista area on Saturday, September 5, due to the Labor Day weekend.

The detail was performed by the Sierra Vista Police Department, Tombstone Marshal’s Office, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Bisbee Police Department, and Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. The detail resulted in the following: 45 traffic stops or contacts, 25 warnings or repair orders, five miscellaneous civil citations, two open container of spirituous liquor in motor vehicle arrests, three drug-related arrests, and two misdemeanor DUI arrests,

The blood alcohol content on the alcohol-related DUI arrest was 0.322, which is over four times the legal limit of 0.08. The second DUI arrest was drug related and required a blood draw.

The Sierra Vista Police Department also participated in the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Mandatory Enforcement Reporting Dates Program by reporting miscellaneous traffic stats from September 4 through September 7, due to the Labor Day Weekend. The following stats were recorded: 134 traffic stops or contacts, 97 warnings or repair orders, 13 civil speed citations, six miscellaneous civil citations, one minor consumption of alcohol arrest, three drug related arrests, two misdemeanor DUI arrests, and one felony DUI arrest.

Submitted by Sierra Vista Police Department