Tombstone High’s Herman Fischer Gymnasium is having a new air conditioning system installed.

TOMBSTONE — While students were on spring break, Tombstone Unified School District’s campuses bustled with activity, mostly related to construction projects.

Tombstone High School’s Herman Fischer Gymnasium received $165,724 through the state School Facilities Board for two air conditioning units.

“Last week, we had a 100-ton crane on site to lift each unit from a truck and set them down on the roof of the locker rooms,” said TUSD Superintendent Robert Devere.

SFB funds are also paying for a $325,500 weatherization project at the high school. Weatherization protects buildings from the elements and reduces energy consumption by optimizing energy efficiency. The other two TUSD campuses — Walter J. Meyer and Huachuca City School — also received SFB funds for weatherization projects.

Weatherization at Huachuca City School cost around $1.3 million because of extensive exterior painting, as well as the need to replace rotted fascia on one of the buildings. In addition, the school’s gymnasium will be getting a $228,000 air conditioning unit once the work at the high school is completed.

Crews were working on a $1 million weatherization project at Walter J. Meyer School and ran into a problem.

“Once the work was underway, crews found rotted wood and structural failures in the roof over classrooms and the overhangs, with the estimated cost for repairs coming in over $100,000,” Devere said. “This far exceeds the contingency amount for the project.”

To pay for the additional costs, the school district has initiated a new Building Renewal Grant fund through the School Facilities Board for the roof structure, and will be continuing with the weatherization project as intended.

Standing water was discovered under Tombstone High School’s new gymnasium floor in the northwest corner of the building.

“We have no leaks in our plumbing, and the source of the water has not been found,” Devere said. “We did dig three potholes around the gym.”

While two revealed dry dirt, the one nearest the northwest corner of the building had damp soil.

“This is very hard to explain since all our supply plumbing is overhead, and the pothole nearest the drainage plumbing was dry.”

Devere said the next step will likely involve an environmental engineer who will try to determine the source of the moisture. The high school’s gym floor project is being run through the trust as an insurance claim, Devere said.

The school district is applying for Building Renewal Grant funding through the School Facilities Board for the following projects: Huachuca City School grading and drainage, Walter J. Meyer School gym floor repairs and Tombstone High School floor drains in areas adjacent to the gymnasium floor.