SIERRA VISTA — Each year, the Fourth of July keeps law enforcement agencies around the country busy as the fireworks go on. 

Though there are specific laws regulating what can be set off by individuals, the Sierra Vista Police Department regularly receives calls of fireworks during the holiday.

Over the last three years the number of fireworks calls recorded in the police log on July 4 have decreased.

SVPD Public Cpl Scott Borgstadt said this year was pretty typical of years past. 

"It seems like every Fourth, every New Years, something like that, there is an influx of those calls," he said. "We try to send an officer to the location and if we do we give them a warning and advise them of the law; we have confiscated fireworks in the past."

"Normally, we don't cite someone unless they don't heed to the warning and we have to go back or a firework causes damage to someone's home or property."

Here's a look at Fourth of July incidents for 2017-2019 from the Sierra Vista Police Department daily incident reports for July 5 for the last three years. 

Fourth of July fireworks calls:

2019 - 18 fireworks calls

2018 - 22 fireworks calls

2017 - 27 fireworks calls

Overall Fourth of July calls:

2019 - 164 overall calls

2018 - 170 overall calls

2017 - 149 overall calls

Drug arrests on Fourth of July

2019 - 2 drug related arrests

2018 - 0 drug related arrests

2017 - 1 drug related arrests 

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