BISBEE — On Tuesday, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to cancel the uncontested board elections for special district governing boards and appointed the candidates who filed.

The resolution also declared seats vacant if there are an insufficient number of candidates. The appointments:

Bowie Water Improvement District (two seats): Jennie Redman and Nancy-Jean ‘NJ” Welker.

San Simon Water Improvement District (one seat): Riley Oliver.

Northern Cochise Hospital District (two seats): Thomas Winfield and David Miller.

Cochise College Governing Board District 1 (one seat): David DiPeso.

Elfrida Fire District (two seats): Deborah Waters and Linda Lima-Forester.

Fry Fire District (two seats): Joseph Huish and Thomas Tucker.

Mescal J-6 Fire District (two seats): Phyllis Ellis and Robert (Bob) Murray.

Naco Fire District (one seat): Joe X. Garcia.

San Simon Fire District (one seat) Savanna Valdez.

Sunnyside Fire District (two seats): Eliseo Rivera and Alfredo Romero.

Whetstone Water District (three seats) Anthony Ennis and David Gonzalez, Jr.

San Pedro Valley Hospital District (three seats) Jose Chavez and Angle De La Torre.

High Knolls Ranch Road Improvement and Maintenance District (two seats): James Roberts.

Whetstone Fire District (three seats): Steven Hasson.

The elections canceled due to the lack of candidates are: Sunsites/Pearce Fire District (two seats), Elfrida Water Improvement District (two seats), Pomerene Water Improvement District (two seats), St. David Water Improvement District (two seats), Fairfield Estates Road Improvement and Maintenance District (three seats), Pirtleville Fire District (two seats), Pomerene Fire District (one seat), San Jose Fire District (one seat), and St. David Fire District (one seat).

School board elections that were canceled and candidates appointed are:

Apache Elementary District: Michael Wolf.

Benson Unified District: Brett Barney, Robert Bernal and Ann Roberts.

Cochise Elementary District: Carolyn Ricketts.

Cochise Technology District: Pam Conger Bradford, Wendy Giltner, Darin Lentz, Christopher Moreno, Megan Scott and Johanna Scott.

Douglas Unified District: Ray Borane.

Elfrida Elementary District: Michelle Hibbits and Andrew Warn.

Naco Elementary District: Brisa Romero.

Palominas Elementary District: Derek Alvarez and Sheila Ritter.

Pearce Elementary District: Jennifer Casady.

Pomerene Elementary District: Lianna Contreras, Donald Fenn and Dana Judd.

San Simon Unified District: Larry Parker, Dusty Pierce, Robert Reynolds and Jason Sloan.

Tombstone Unified District: Mike Hayhurst and Rick Shelley.

Willcox Unified District: Cynthia Chaffey, Rachel Garza, Mark Hopkins and William Ryan.

Elections canceled with no candidates for open seats are: Ash Creek Elementary (three seats), Cochise Technology District (one seat), Double Adobe Elementary (one seat), Douglas Unified District (one seat), McNeal Elementary District (two seats), Palominas Elementary District (one seat), Pearce Elementary District (one seat), Tombstone Unified District (one seat) and Valley Union High School District (two seats).